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About Us is a free collection of tools to test the SEO knowledge of everyone and the SEO status of their websites. Using these, you can get your website to the top positions in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

What is SEO, and what are the benefits to you?

I think many people who run blogs in Sri Lanka have heard the word SEO. There are very few blogs in Sri Lanka that have written about SEO.

So you all know how important traffic is to a blog. I'm tired of blogging without traffic. Because everyone who blogs expect readers to come to their blog, but most blogs do not get as much traffic as they think. As a result, Sri Lankans, as well as foreigners, are opting out of blogging.

So the main purpose of this SEO is to increase the traffic of your blog. Increasing traffic means searching for a word or keyword through a search engine to increase the traffic to your blog. This incoming traffic is also known as Organic Traffic.

The word SEO is a combination of the first three letters of the word Search Engine Optimization. You know that if you search for a word in a search engine or Google, hundreds of thousands of pages containing information related to that word will come up, so if anyone thinks that Google fits these websites according to 1,2,3 of its results, How do you do that?

A search engine can consider several factors for this, and if our blog is in that order, our blog will come to the top of the result list.

So many companies in the world pay a lot of attention to what SEO is. It is very important for those who blog so much.

In the future, we are ready to bring you a series of articles on how to make your blog SEO Friendly, find keywords that fit your blog and put your blog in the first place with those keywords.



Thiwanga Sandaruwan Dasanayaka

Web Designer and Developer.

Founder / Owner